Snake Pass

Snake Pass Physical Release Announced for Nintendo Switch

In the near future, Snake Pass will be having a physical release for Nintendo Switch. Sumo Digital was the announcer of this great improvement that is about to occur. The announcer also continued by saying Super Rare Games will be in partnership along with the publishing franchise of the game.

Snake Pass

Super Rare Games remain a confirmed UK-oriented firm. It is especially known for handling smaller video games in the digital format and later transforming them into physical copies for the Nintendo Switch. This company is only loyal to Nintendo and will do everything to ensure that video games produced remain top-notch. Some amazing titles that the company has worked on include Human: Fall Flat with Snake Pass and Lovers in a Dangerous Space-time joining the developing list soon.

The announcement was delivered by Sumo Digital and Super Rare Games official Twitter pages. At the moment, there is no known release date for the Snake Pass physical copy. According to the information reaching the public, it is certain that the game will be unleashed within a few months time. The limited version of the game will be unleashed along with a plethora of additional freebies. This can be found in the likes of a Super Rare Games sticker and trading cards. At the moment, the actual cost of purchasing the game is not yet known. Normally, people often buy Super Rare Games for a cost of thirty-five dollars.

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In the past, Super Rare Games has been able to unleash limited versions of eShop titles and more are on the horizon. Developer Renegade Kid’s Mutant Mudds physical copy has been released on August 20th. The company has released this amazing game and has just four thousand left for purchase. In the early part of the console’s lifespan, Mutant Mudds has been ported to Switch. Fans and hardcore collectors can get some of these physical copies before it sells out completely. The truth is that Snake Pass will be no different.

For many consumers, the game may be a difficult pass. If you have played the game in time past, it may look complex. Since the price has increased, it will hard to keep away from getting the digital format option. According to the developers of the game, there will not be any physical release to other platforms without the same limitation factor. The public has responded positively towards the game called Snake Pass.


Limited Run Games and Super Rare Games are great companies that have proven that the public still needs the physical copy of games. In fact, the public still like physical copy games because it can help to boost their morale when playing. The industry is constantly pushing to make everything accessible through the digital process. However, small indie games can still be played in their physical state. Snake Pass is available now on PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PS4. Players can make use of the mentioned devices to access the Snake Pass game today.

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