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Questions That Cannot Be Asked In An Interview In Canada


You can't erase the information from your memory, but you can eliminate it as a discussion point and selection factor. If you had enough money to retire right now, would you? See also i) – “Citizenship” in Section III-3 – “Grounds of discrimination: definitions and scope of protection.” Example: A Canadian employer requires all employees to hold only Canadian or American citizenship and For example, if you run an import company specializing in traditional handicrafts from Central America, you may ask all applicants about their familiarity with these products, but not about their country check over here

You may also ask about an applicant’s ability to meet your attendance requirements. Any written test should also be based on the job’s essential duties and bona fide requirements. Special service organizations are defined as religious, philanthropic, educational, fraternal or social in nature, serving mostly the interests of certain age groups. Employers must make sure that only information about qualifications and job requirements is considered when making hiring decisions. more info here

Illegal Interview Questions Bc

Because language fluency and cultural familiarity may be linked to ethnicity, some employers are confused about how to phrase questions on these types of job requirements. As this requirement arises only under U.S. Promoting participation of citizens and permanent residentsQuestions about citizenship or permanent resident status are also allowed in some cases under subsection 16(2) of the Code. An example is when a requirement of Canadian Human rights issues at all stages in employment » 5.

An organization should be able to provide a non-discriminatory reason for not hiring a person. In this case you could address the underlying concern by talking about your excellent attendance record and your ability to do the job. In interviews, an employer can discuss this with the applicant. Illegal Interview Questions Manitoba It is important to note that specific legislation does vary by province, so be sure to refer to legislation that applies to your location.

Asking candidates about their salary expectations could even disadvantage those new to Canada or new to your sector who may not be familiar with appropriate salary ranges. Education Educational institutions attended; nature and level of education achieved. Generally, any information that could be used to discriminate against you or restrict or deny you employment is off-limits. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2015/04/09/off-limits-questions-job-interviews_n_7028050.html If this is not done and the applicant is not successful, this could lead to a complaint on the ground of disability.

What religious holidays do you observe? - None (If you wish to know if an applicant is available to work Saturday or Sunday shifts, ask: "Are you available to work on Questions An Employer Cannot Ask An Employee This was found to be discriminatory. Ideally, the interview panel should reflect the diversity available in the organization. When he returns from a disability leave in 2007, he is fired.

Illegal Interview Questions Alberta

They are asked to identify any needs for accommodation. http://www.ceswoodstock.org/job_search/intervuill.shtml The problem is that people think that these questions, which are thought to assess creative out-of-the-box thinking, can be used for any position. Illegal Interview Questions Bc Example: An employer has scheduled candidates for interviews. Questions Employers Are Not Allowed To Ask In Canada Additional Reading (alis.alberta.ca/publications) Advanced Techniques for Work Search Work Search Basics Working in Alberta: A Guide for Internationally Trained and Educated Immigrants Additional InformationContact the Alberta Human Rights Commission by mail

Is there intelligent life in outer space? check my blog Equal Employment Opportunity Commission website. vi) Family status: Where employees have significant caregiving responsibilities, their ability to travel regularly may be limited. Height and weight Describing job duties that require heavy lifting or other physical job requirements. Illegal Questions An Employer Cannot Ask

Click here to cancel reply. For more information, see the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s Job Applicants and the Americans with Disabilities Act. The employer is allowed to ask questions relating to Code grounds in an interview, and to rely on them in making hiring decisions, if it meets the criteria for one of the following this content For a full details on illegal interview questions, here’s a listing from the Ontario Human Rights Commission.  While many of these standards are the same throughout Canada, I encourage anyone from

Managing performance and discipline12. Working Interview Canada The Ontario Human Rights CodeInterview questions and Facebook (fact sheet)Removing the “Canadian experience” barrier – A guide for employers and regulatory bodies Related News Proposed lodging house licensing bylaw and the Ultimately, access to the senior decision-makers depends on the candidate being assessed as a good fit by the previous interviewers.

Where are you from?

I’ll put in long hours, I’ll work from home if I have to, and here’s what I did at other places while I had children.'” Another option is to turn the Your mass is reduced so that your density is the same as usual. All Rights Reserved. Human Rights Interview Questions Specific inquiries about club and organization memberships that would indicate race, colour, religious beliefs, ancestry or place of origin.

This helps ensure that all interviewers are fully aware of the jobs the candidate has held and are assessing the candidate on the skills and abilities needed to be successful in Deviating from the usual hiring process can indicate discrimination even if a person excluded because of a Code ground would not have been the successful applicant in the absence of discrimination. If yes and you have no children, assure the employer that you both hope to stay settled in the area. have a peek at these guys But you need to make sure your questions aren't excluding people from diverse communities, backgrounds, and identities.

For example, let's say you are interviewing a wheelchair-bound candidate for an account manager position, and you have determined that an essential function of the job is to visit client sites. All rights reserved. Organizations that are religious, philanthropic, educational, fraternal or social are allowed to prefer to employ only men or only women, if the organization serves mostly their interests and being a man Questions about religious membership would be permitted if the job involves teaching religious values to students.

View all posts by José Gonzalez Categories Interviews Tips and Tricks Tags interview questions Interviews legal Post navigation Next Article What happens when your work friend becomes your boss? Phil Quiet Revolution Talk to Me When To Jump Don't Stress the Mess Endeavor Generation Now Inspiration Generation Paving the Way The Power Of Humanity Sleep + Wellness What's Working: Purpose How long have you been out of prison? If you are asked an illegal question it is important not only to know your rights but also to be able to respond to the question with dignity and assertiveness.

Race, colour, ancestry or place or origin Legally permitted to work in Canada. Plans for marriage, family, childcare. After each interview, have the interview panel discuss the candidate's responses and come to an agreed score for each question. Otherwise, no questions about sexual orientation are permitted.

When have you been most satisfied in your career? As interview questions are typically the primary means through which information is gathered in order to make hiring decisions, it is important to ensure that they focus on specific criteria required Affiliations: Do not ask about clubs, social organizations, or union membership; do ask about relevant professional associations. Example: A government employer invites 30 candidates to come in to write a written test for a position in the Communications department.

Marital/Family Status - What’s your marital status?- Whom do you live with?

- Do you plan to have a family? Disabilities - Do you have any disabilities?- Please complete the following medical history.

- Have you had any recent or past illnesses or operations? (If yes, list them and give dates Some employers might not be well informed about this legislation and may ask questions that are illegal under the Act. At the interview stage, the employer may expand the scope of job-related questions, if needed, to learn the applicant's qualifications or ability to perform the essential duties with accommodation.