David Hyter

David Hayter Returns As Voice Of Snake For MGS 31st Anniversary Video

David Hayter is a voice actor and known for the amazing and iconic work on video game characters Naked Snake and Sold Snake. David’s works have been found in Konami’s Metal Gear Solid. At the moment, David will not be acting as Snake in the latest MGS 5: The Phantom Pain. This is because Konami is planning to rework the entire series.

David Hyter

David reprised his position as Snake in celebration of Metal Gear Solid’s 31st anniversary. This aired in a small video created by Jordan Vogt-Roberts the famous filmmaker. Jordan is also known as one of the associates in the latest upcoming movie adaptation of the same video-game producer. The purpose of the video is to remember the work of the series and one of the most amazing titles in the game.

In the short video, David was seen throwing off a couple of popular lines that eventually helped his original voice work remarkable and unforgettable. The short video also helps to unleash the ecstasy of David’s work called Metal Gear for die-hard fans. David went on to deliver a presentation about the nature of the films that people watch today. In the video, he quoted Hideo Kojima to satisfy his points. The duration of the video only stayed for a few minutes and gave David enough space to explain his convincing words to hearers. He spoke well of the franchise even if they have decided not to star him as Snake in the next series.

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Revolver Ocelot remains the end of this amazing video of the MGS 31st anniversary. Ocelot mentioned that he knew that game enthusiasts are seriously looking for information of the upcoming movie. Revolver finally knocks the nail on the head by saying, there is no information about the film at the moment.

He promised that fans will enjoy the game to the best of their desire. According to reliable sources, Hayter is not reprising his position as Snake for the first time after any major replacement. Super Bomberman has been added to the 2017 Switch game announced by Konami. These playable characters will help to take the game to the next level. Naked Snake and Solid Snake are added into the game as well.


During E3 last June, Nintendo has made an announcement about Super Smash Bros. Ultimate for the Switch. According to Konami, Hayter will be acting the role of Snake in the game. For the forthcoming Metal Gear games, nobody can be able to predict what Konami has for David. At the moment, it looks that David is comfortable acting for smaller Snake-related tasks like the projects mentioned above.

At the moment, you will discover that the Metal Gear Solid film remains under development. It will be great if David takes his role as Snake in the upcoming film. However, Konami has the final say and fans can only hope something changes in the future. For now, you can continue to believe that the upcoming film will be great.

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