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Php Fatal Error Include_once Cannot Redeclare Class


How does Gandalf end up on the roof of Isengard? Not the answer you're looking for? I put debug_print_backtrace in the file to see how it is included, and here's the output: #0 require_once() called at [\eKirje.textGrid.class.php:4] #1 require_once(\eKirje.textGrid.class.php) called at [\lasku.eKirjeLasku.class.php:3]#0 require_once() called at [\eKirje.kanava.class.php:3] #1 If it is an apc caching problem, to fix it, add the following to your top level file at the top of the file: apc_clear_cache(); If the problem disappears, then you Check This Out

So I had this problem when a had the class Login and the interface it implements LogIn. No forums were found here! In this case I did not get redeclaration errors, for some reason it worked okay then, the class was declared only one and it worked okay. It will usually show were the class was initially declared. http://stackoverflow.com/questions/708140/php-fatal-error-cannot-redeclare-class

Cannot Redeclare Class Php Error

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Privacy Policy Login Fatal Error Cannot Redeclare Class Posted on Feb 24, 2016 by Bob Ray | Tags: Fatal error, cannot, redeclare, class | Comments (0) Fixing the "Cannot redeclare class" please make sure that you updated your module correctly. Then in the page where you call the above code, you could write: share|improve this answer answered Mar 2 Php Fatal Error: Cannot Redeclare Class Laravel I'm using classes and making each class a file.

Also mind the usage and retrieval of __DIR__, __FILE__ and statcache after rename operations. Cannot Redeclare Class Laravel Symfony\Component\HttpFoundation\UniversalClassLoader->loadClass() Q:\Digest\lib\Symfony\Component\HttpFoundation\UniversalClassLoader.php:0 I am using Doctrine 2.0, with the Symfony UniversalClassLoader, as can be seen above, to implement a data-analysis script. Join them; it only takes a minute: Sign up PHP Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class (include example.php) [duplicate] up vote 0 down vote favorite This question already has an answer here: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/23058671/fatal-error-cannot-redeclare-class-database In a *nix server this wouldn't have happened, since case matters in filenames. -- "En ole paha ihminen, mutta omenat ovat elinkeinoni." -Perttu Sirviö sp**@outolempi.net | Gedoon-S @ IRCnet | rot13(xv***@bhgbyrzcv.arg)

My error also shows line 38. Cannot Redeclare Class Codeigniter I solved it by commenting out this the following line in config/application.ini: ;includePaths.library = APPLICATION_PATH "/../library" I hope this will help you. I have the same problem too. Ballpark salary equivalent today of "healthcare benefits" in the US?

Cannot Redeclare Class Laravel

First of all, please check the case on each of your require_once statements. Why Should I? Cannot Redeclare Class Php Error We'll discuss autoloading in a future article. Cannot Redeclare Class Wordpress Maybe there's a cycle somewhere in your inclusion dependencies? (if A includes B which includes C which includes A, I've found that require_once() isn't smart enough to break the cycle).

So in my case, I updated and got the new class-http.php file, but my http.php file did not update…so I did it manually. his comment is here I'm using classes and making each class a file. so suppose you have: file1.php containing object X file2.php ALSO containing object X Then: include_once('file1.php); include_once('file2.php); will result in a double objectX declaration. I'll try to track down what is causing this on my end. Php Cannot Redeclare Class Require_once

I've just encountered such a case, so this helped me (and no, no mix of require() and require_once() in my case. At first the problem was that the file was missing, I don't know how since I didn't touch it, so I downloaded wordpress and put the file back in. Well... this contact form make sure you check the box that removes the folder for that theme as well.

Here's what has me baffled with this exception: I have eliminated almost all reasonably causes, and found nothing. Php Fatal Error Cannot Redeclare Function Am I missing something here? Create a new support post in our support forums and include a link to this existing support post so we can help you.

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How to prove that authentication system works, and that customer uses the wrong password? And eventually the class gets declared again. One with the class which you include and run once, and another file with the code which uses the class (which you then include multiple times) –Jodes Mar 2 '13 at Cannot Redeclare Class Laravel Migration The functions are no longer colliding, but the class declaration is.

It's very easy for this to happen, though not always obvious, since you could have a long chain of files being included by one another. aha. See the documentation for require() for more information on how this statement works. http://amigasuperbit.com/cannot-redeclare/php-fatal-error-cannot-redeclare-class-apc.html Blasted case-insensitive filesystem.

What now? They just want to make the error go away -- and… 7 months, 1 week ago A very good day to you, fine Sir! Can a text in Latin be understood by an educated Italian who never had any formal teaching of that language? Comments (0) Add a Comment Please login to comment.

Not the answer you're looking for? Have you taken the WordPress 2016 Survey yet? I'm a big time rookie using Word Press so if I sound stupid, it's because I am. Why is the 'You talking to me' speech from the movie 'Taxi Driver' so famous?

This is a behavior similar to the require() statement, with the only difference being that if the code from a file has already been included, it will not be included again. You'll also get email updates when new content is available on the site or existing content is updated. How come the require_once fails to function? Isn't that a bug that should be fixed? –Wrikken Mar 14 '11 at 21:51 | show 11 more comments 8 Answers 8 active oldest votes up vote 3 down vote accepted

And eventually the class gets declared again. As an added incentive to subscribe, I have a bunch of new and updated MODX extras I plan to release as soon as I have a significant number of subscribers to